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Credit Repair and Solutions to Less than Perfect Credit

Alliance provides individual and family credit counseling, and credit education instruction, to consumers nationwide. Our certified and professionally trained credit counseling team assists consumers by presenting workable solutions to achieve your goals and maintain financial stability.

Other credit resources can be found on our Credit and Debt pages.

Learn How Credit Systems Work

We can assist you to understand the importance of your credit file, how it is evaluated, what practices are critical, how to improve your creditworthiness, and prepare to make major purchases, such as a home or vehicle.

How to Get the Best Deal

You will learn how to evaluate loan offers and understand the impact that interest rates have on your monthly payment amount. You will be able to recognize a better product. You may learn of government assisted programs that will make it even easier to own a home.

Personalized Service

Because of the varying nature of credit histories, the details of issues that exist, and the creditors involved, and many other issues, each situation demands the personal attention of an experienced counselor. Every client is interviewed and counseled privately.

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Call one of our credit counseling specialists to get started today . Counselors can be reached by phone (at the number to the top right), or by email (with the link provided just below the phone number).

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