Are You a First Time Homebuyer? Good News!

Are you a first time homebuyer? Then we have good news for you!

Buying a house has always been a part of the American dream.  Owning a house means laying down the roots where you can embark on a new journey and start a family. For generations, it has been a great source of security, pride, and fulfillment. Every member of the family dreams to have a place they can call “home.” This dream has been a great motivator for millions of Americans to work harder day and night, against all odds, with the hope that one day they will be able to buy their ideal home and enjoy life with their own family.

First Time Homebuyer Benefits of Housing Counseling

First Time Homebuyer Benefits of Housing Counseling

Indeed, the joys and satisfaction that home ownership brings are unparalleled as homeowners witness the sweet product of their blood, sweat, and tears rise from the ground. Join us as we celebrate the National Homeownership Month this June and discover the wonderful programs that provide aid for more Americans to afford their dream house. Who knows, you might get a piece of your dream this year!

Celebrating the National Homeownership Month this June 2017

During the National Home Ownership Month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recommits itself in helping more Americans own a house through various government programs, loan assistance, and with the help of several housing counseling agencies. These resources will allow more people to find better options and easier payment schemes as they go through with the home buying process.

Over the years, America’s housing market grew a more stable footing but there’s still so much work to be done. With the theme “Dare to Own the Dream,” the HUD would like to emphasize the significance of making sure that borrowers have the ability to provide for their family and at the same time pay their mortgages. Furthermore, the HUD committed to continuing improving government policies and creating more support programs to provide a more accessible and sustainable ways of acquiring a house.

Housing Counseling Agencies Can Help First Time Homebuyers Like You

So what is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and how can it help you?

Housing counseling agencies are non-profit organizations that provide housing advice and credit counseling services to Americans who are looking to purchase their own homes. A housing counselor will help you navigate through the rough waters of home buying. Aside from helping you afford your house, housing counselors can help you keep your house if you are facing foreclosure.

Housing counselors are trained to aid in assessing your financial situation and capacity, evaluate your options, and make some plans for you to be able to pay your mortgages. Since housing counseling agencies are often free or require a very little charge for services, it is very wise to seek their advice if you are tight on budget.

Alliance is a HUD approved housing counseling agency, feel free to contact us at 704-341-1010 or 704-341-1010.

HUD First Time Homebuyer Education Course

Typically, many home loan programs require aspiring homeowners to complete a housing counseling course as a condition of obtaining the home loan. A HUD first time homebuyer education course can be obtained from Alliance. Getting help will ensure a less stressful process overall. Fortunately, there are some added benefits of availing of the HUD-approved housing counseling services. Among them are:

  • Knowledge to obtain, sustain, and improve your house;
  • Readily available tools and updated facts and statistics so aspiring homeowners can make better decisions; and
  • Other necessary services such as first-time homebuyer education course, foreclosure prevention counseling, budget planning, credit solutions and debt solutions, bankruptcy counseling, payday loan counseling, and HUD reverse mortgage counseling.

What Are the Benefits for HUD First Time Homebuyers?

There are several benefits of being a homeowner. The most obvious reasons include financial stability and security. People who want to grow their wealth purchase their own homes rather than spend money on rent. In the long-run, buying is proven to be more cost-effective than renting.

Other less obvious reasons, on the other hand, includes positive tax implications, therefore reducing tax burdens; freedom to create your own living environment; higher net worth; and much more.

Beating the Odds for a Piece of the American Dream

Buying a house can be the biggest decision you would make in your entire life. It can be a little scary, stressful, and exciting, but know that there are many government support programs and housing counseling agencies ready to help you get through this exhausting but wonderful experience.