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Local Homebuyer Education Classes in Charlotte

Homebuyer Education classes are held at least twice monthly in our Charlotte office. Classes held one Saturday monthly, plus weeknights are available.

Achieving the Dream of Homeownership

If you dream of owning your home, it can become a reality if you plan carefully, set realistic goals and get sound advice. Our counselors can help you understand your options and plan for the future in order to reach your goals.

More information is found under our Homeownership page.

Professional Experts to Guide You

Alliance is a HUD approved counseling agency. Personal, customized counseling, post-purchase support, and reverse mortgage counseling are available to you as well. We will help you to get the most of your homeownership experience!

Who Should Take the Course?

Our program is valuable for anyone considering a home purchase. And they may be required for individuals participating in down payment assistance programs, loan products that require home buyer education, or other home purchase programs.

About the Course

The Homebuyer Education Course consist of two sessions of a one on one counseling session discussing your personal financial situation of budgeting and credit. The next section is a 7 hours classroom session that helps a future homeowner understand the steps towards homeownership. The two sections must be completed in order to receive a certificate. Generally, the course is free to participants when sponsored by industry professionals, but all participants are expected to pay $25 for the course material.

Class Schedule Calendar

Alliance has multiple pre-purchase classes available each month. [Calendar With Class Schedule] Contact us to reserve your place today!

Get Started Today!

You can take the first step towards homeownership by filling out the enrollment form or Email the home counseling group athomeownership@knowdebt.org or call 704-943-2044 to RSVP or to ask questions.

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