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CharlotteSaves is a free financial literacy savings program of Alliance. All over the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area, people just like you are proving that you don’t have to be rich to build wealth. As members of CharlotteSaves, they are setting financial goals, tracking their spending and taking control of their financial future. Our volunteers and staff can show you how to develop a strategy and put you on the right path to help you build wealth.

Building financial stability starts when you set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal. Whatever goal you choose – whether it’s paying for education, buying a car, buying a house, or getting out from under your debts – learn about proven savings strategies and get simple tips on the best ways to save.

Director: Edward Tonini    Email:    Phone: 704-943-0355

Meet a Saver

Kisha’s financial situation was undisciplined, unrestricted, and impulsive before she came into contact with her local America Saves campaign, Charlotte Saves. Originally, Kisha had no savings and only had enough money to live paycheck to paycheck, which she described as “very uncomfortable and stressful.” Through seminars provided by Charlotte Saves, Kisha learned that she was operating without a budget, that most of her spending was done sporadically, and that the small things she spent money on really added up.


Be a Volunteer

There are different volunteer roles that are available: Seminar Leaders and Wealth Coaches. The commitment per role is one to three hours per month. Below is a brief description of each.

Seminar Leaders

Use provided presentation materials to encourage participants to set a personal financial goal and begin work on a savings/debt reduction plan.

Wealth Coach

Work one-on-one with committed Savers to help with longer-term financial planning (professional financial certification required).



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