NonProfit Debt Counseling

Help. Hope. Empowerment

Through NonProfit Debt Counseling:
Learn your options and plan your solution with expert help.
Proven principles and strategies in a realistic plan builds hope.
Executing your personalized plan brings you empowerment, then control.
We know it can work for you. We’ve seen it happen more than a million times.

NonProfit Debt Counseling – Help You Can Trust

  • Consumer Advocate NonProfit
  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • 1 Million+ Assisted

Regain Control of Your Life

  • Consolidate to One Payment
  • End Penalty Rates and Fees
  • Pay Down Debt Faster
  • Stop Collector Calls

Rebuild Your Financial Future

  • Recover without Bankruptcy
  • Achieve Personal Best through Coaching

“This program really lifted a burden, I feel like I can breathe now.” – Gerald

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Working together, we can help you get back on track.

Millions of Americans face financial challenges. We’ve helped over a million with their debt, credit and housing issues. We can help you.