Bankruptcy Counseling Certificates

Fast, Easy, Anytime, Inexpensive

Also known as:
Pre Bankruptcy Counseling
Credit Counseling Session 
Budget Briefing Session

Also known as:
Financial Management Course
Post Bankruptcy Counseling
Debtor Education Course




• Bankruptcy Counseling Online 24 x 7
• Start, Stop, & Resume Counseling Course
• Counseling Certificate Available Same Day 
• Start Counseling Now or Anytime

• Online – Only $19 for single or joint 
• Telephone – Only $49 for single or joint 
• You may qualify for a full or partial waiver

Our bankruptcy counselors and online courses assist you with the pre bankruptcy counseling certification and the post bankruptcy class, so you can make well-informed decisions with your legal counsel. Our certified, experienced counselors review your budget and present information to prepare you for the future.