Stunning Wooden Crate Storage Ideas for Your Home

wooden crate

It is hard to go by wood crates without emotions. This is one of the most wanted, home decor materials with which you can build your own furniture with. From new and natural to vintage, rustic ones. Painted in any color, with or without logotypes. If you decided to use them in your new D.I.Y. project at home, you’ll find a big range of inspirations on the web.

Key Takeaways:

  • A wooden crate can turn into a bookcase to store books, backpacks, and projects. All that is needed are screws, a drill, and the finish you want to give it and that is it.
  • Sliding crate drawers: Add metal grooves added to your storage boxes and they can thus glide smoothly out of cabinet frames. Use them as filing cabinets, bathroom organizers, or to hold baby supplies or diapers.
  • Depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of crates you have, you can turn them into a kitchen island with storage space beneath by simply using different size boxes.

“Show off your old vinyl records by stacking them into a crate that is refurbished in retro style. Or, if you love plants, create neat planters with your crates and customize them according to what you wish. There is no dearth to your creativity with old or new wooden crates.”

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