Top Tips for Choosing Timber Headboards


In this collection of DIY Ideas, we are going to show you Incredible DIY Wooden Headboard Ideas which will give you a lot of inspirational ideas and tips about how to improve or change the headboard of your bed. The easiest way you could probably craft yourself a DIY wooden headboard is by recycling old pallets. But that is not the only way to make a wooden headboard. You can use a myriad of items be it new or old. An old door can easily be repurposed to be your bed’s headboard as well as a couple of unused bookshelves.

Key Takeaways:

  • It always pays to measure your bed’s width to make sure you get the size right before getting your timber bed head.
  • When choosing timber bed heads, ensure that you plan out the design ahead of time so that you are clear about what to order.
  • Additionally, make sure you’ve got all dimensions right so that you won’t end up with a bedhead that makes your bedroom look worse than ever.

“If you have a mattress and a bed base, fitting together a bedhead is simple. While there is a wide range of choices open to you, timber bed heads are easy to install, and you can get it customized to suit your requirements”

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