How To Find Grants

saving program

Find an approved lender. Local home-buying programs use approved lenders to offer loan grants. You can find a list of approved lenders at your local housing agency. For instance, the California Housing Finance Agency provides a list of CalHFA-approved lenders that first-time buyers can contact to apply for a loan grant. Another example is the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, which offers first-time buyers grants only through their approved lenders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes finding those precious grants is not easy. They also take time to apply for and finalize.
  • A good thing to do when applying for a grant is to start a savings program.
  • Another area you will want to look for grants is in your own county. Some areas have special programs to help first home buyers.

“Any grant program you find will require a certain amount of time on your part. Don’t shy away from that, its worth the time you put in!”

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