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Foreclosure inventory declines another 30%

Through November 2016 there was an average of $12,500 in home-equity wealth per homeowner. Foreclosure inventory declined 30% putting it slightly above pre-crisis levels. This foreclosure inventory included 325,000 homes with a mortgage. The mortgages 90 days or more past due saw a decline of 22.1% annually in November. More Americans are now working so more mortgages are getting paid …

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HUD’s reducing Mortgage Insurance on FHA Mortgages

If you have or are planning to get an FHA mortgage this offers interesting and useful information about the rates being lowered. Everyone can always use a lower mortgage rate, especially in today’s economy. Hud information can sometimes be confusing but is presented well here. HUD’s reducing Mortgage Insurance on FHA Mortgages

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Mortgage rates lower in 2017…so far…

One of the most volatile markets in the world is the housing market. This can because of fluctuating prices and less demand are going to change the market. So far there is good news, and that is the mortgage rates are low so far. Only time will tell how low the rates will go. Mortgage rates lower in 2017…so far…

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MBA: Mortgage credit once again loosens in December

Lately, there has been an upward trend in the amount of credit available to mortgage applicants. This is a continuation of the increase that has been seen throughout the year so far. Meanwhile, lending standards have seemed to have tightened. The increased availability of credit has been attributed to jumbo loan programs and loan programs for those with lower credit …

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ATTOM: Foreclosure activity hits 10-year low

A dramatic drop in bank foreclosure activity in 2016 brought the national level of foreclosure filings down to a level unparalleled since 2006. According to ATTOM Data Solutions filings dropped month on month in 2016, despite the traditional push in the final quarter of 2016 from banks to clear out legacy foreclosures, predominantly for loans originating between 2004 and 2006. …

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HUD Awards $33 Million to Help End Youth Homelessness

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is trying to build systems to reduce or end youth homelessness. $33 million has currently been allocated to this project. Youth homelessness is a very large issue the entire country is facing, but is especially prevalent in areas where rent has increased dramatically. Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program gathered data directly from …

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Consumer optimism slips to start 2017

The Index of Consumer Sentiment decreased slightly in 2017, but is still higher than in January of 2016. The surge in post-election optimism was tempered by a large amount of positive and negative concerns about the new administration. The level of partisanship in the current political atmosphere is the highest it has ever been. This has a severe impact on …

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