NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund

NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund, which ends July 31, 2019, provides zero-interest loans. Alliance has helped over 2,000 area homeowners with this program, providing nearly $30 million in mortgage payment assistance to the Charlotte area.

Prevention Fund Benefits

  • Interest free loan.
  • Pay all or much of the past due amount.
  • Make monthly mortgage payments.
  • Catch up on past due amounts.
  • Possible forgiveness of the loan.
  • Pay off an existing second mortgage.
  • Pay up to $30,000 of a second mortgage.
  • 2nd mortgage loan repayment delayed 30 years.

*The amount and length of the assistance varies. The maximum is $36,000, or 36 months.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a legal resident of the U.S.
  • The property must be the principal residence.
  • Have lost their job due to economic conditions.
  • Have a mortgage that is secured by real property.
  • Have had a stable employment and credit history prior to losing job.
  • Have been or are eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. There are some exceptions.

Apply for the NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund

There is a brief telephone interview to determine eligibility. If eligible, there is a more comprehensive interview. Call today to speak to a counselor at 800-303-3797. Or, use the form at right to send a message.

About the Fund:

The NC FoNC Foreclosure Prevention Fundreclosure Prevention Fund ™ is offered by the NC Housing Finance Agency. It is funded by the US Department of the Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund ®. Additional information is available at NC Foreclosure Prevention.

  • 704-341-1010
    Or Complete This Form:

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