NAR: More single women buying homes

first time home buyers
Photo credit: Alachua County via / CC BY


Last year the share of single women fell to its lowest point since 2002s 15%, but this year they seem to be making a comeback. However, while men may be slower to enter the market, homes owned by single men have a 10% greater value and appreciate 16% more than homes held by single women, according to an analysis released by Realty Trac. Single women aren’t the only ones increasing their share in the market although first-time homebuyers have been decreasing every year for three straight years, 2016 seemed to bring an end to the trend, according to the survey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Single women represented 17% of the market this year, the highest point since 2011.
  • Single women for years have indicated a strong desire to own a home of their own, as well as an inclination to live closer to friends and family.
  • Those under age 35 made up 61% of first-time buyer transactions.

“Young adults are settling down and deciding to buy a home after what was likely a turbulent beginning to their adult life and career following the Great Recession.”

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