Scott Farmer To Lead NC Housing Finance Agency


The article, “Scott Farmer To Lead NC Housing Finance Agency”, covers Scott Farmer’s success in getting named director of rental investment. It talks about his path to success and the time he spent with the company as a diligent worker. NC Housing must be thrilled to say that they have such a man in their bankroll.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farmer has been with N.C. Housing Finance Agency for 17 years, serving most recently as director of rental investment since 2005.
  • Prior to joining the Agency, he worked in mortgage banking servicing. Farmer currently serves on the board of the Community Investment Corporation of the Carolinas of N.C. Bankers Association and on N.C.
  • Task Force on Ending Veterans Homelessness. He also is on a national task force on best practices for the Housing Credit program.

“Our self-supporting Agency has a long history of achievement on behalf of North Carolina’s citizens and has a proven track record of overcoming any challenges that arise in the housing industry, whether it be natural disasters or economic collapses,” Farmer said.”


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