What Is Bankruptcy Marketing? How To Get Money After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not a very pleasing word to many people, if not, all.  Lots of things can happen if one person files bankruptcy and they are not good.  This is because a person who has filed for bankruptcy will put his credit score and/or credit history in bad light.  Bad credit score can hamper the way of living of any …

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Foreclosure inventory declines another 30%

Through November 2016 there was an average of $12,500 in home-equity wealth per homeowner. Foreclosure inventory declined 30% putting it slightly above pre-crisis levels. This foreclosure inventory included 325,000 homes with a mortgage. The mortgages 90 days or more past due saw a decline of 22.1% annually in November. More Americans are now working so more mortgages are getting paid …

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HUD’s reducing Mortgage Insurance on FHA Mortgages

If you have or are planning to get an FHA mortgage this offers interesting and useful information about the rates being lowered. Everyone can always use a lower mortgage rate, especially in today’s economy. Hud information can sometimes be confusing but is presented well here. HUD’s reducing Mortgage Insurance on FHA Mortgages Link to this post!

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Making the Right Choice With New Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinets is an important factor in building or buying a new home. Important aspects of getting new cabinets are having a budget, deciding on material, and understanding hardware that will be needed. Finding a cabinetmaker willing and able to give exactly the desired product is essential. Homeowners should look for a reputable company and ensure the quality of …

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How To Choose The Best Debt Management Program

Before you think about filing for bankruptcy because you are in a financial dilemma, try to think first about how to choose the best debt management program.  For people like you have this kind of problem, it’s best to find a management program for debt.  This is a kind of debt relief program wherein a counseling agency will work together …

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Mortgage rates lower in 2017…so far…

One of the most volatile markets in the world is the housing market. This can because of fluctuating prices and less demand are going to change the market. So far there is good news, and that is the mortgage rates are low so far. Only time will tell how low the rates will go. Mortgage rates lower in 2017…so far… …

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